Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Hanging By A Thread..." a wispy world of limited wireless connections.
Guess that's part of the deal when
trying to "make do" when
This heart was made on scratchboard...
carved with various tools
and then washed with some watercolor paint.
Very rough around the edges...
a perfect partner for a very piecemeal post.
Never realized how internet spoiled I am
back in AZ.


Teri C said...

Wispy or not, it is beautiful. I love 'stuff' on black.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think this is really cool Peg. I hate that you are back in the world of lesser connections. I can imagine your frustration.

studio lolo said...

it amazes me how addicted I've become to the internet. I wish I could go to a spa type place for a week of being served healthy food with no phones and no computers! I know I can unplug things here but I don't/won't :)

That said, I do love your scratchboard heart!

Molossus said...

I love the fringe. The whole thing is lovely, but that fringe just sets it off. You do scratchboard so well!