Friday, May 14, 2010

"A Delightful Duo..."

First, yet another geisha from the "Geisha Queen" herself...
Janet in Texas...
And second, a masterful "OM"mantra card
made entirely in ball point pen
from Lisa in Arizona.
Lisa and I have made plans to do a Moly_X art trade...
(a.k.a. Moleskine Sketchbook Exchange)
Can't wait!
What fun it is to continue to receive
such tiny treasures
and trade talents with
kindred spirits from all over the world.
I am very thankful indeed!
(As on any image to enlarge...)


Jingle said...

admirable post!
Happy Friday!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such beauties. Can't wait to see your molie exchange pages.

studio lolo said...

jeez, they're stunning!

In a Moly-X exchange, do you fill an entire one and you get to keep eachothers? Or do you take turns doing pages in eachother's books?

soulbrush said...

how lovely and glad you are back on your feet again

prettyartybuildings said...

cool. Great Om too, what a nice idea to exchange art.