Friday, December 18, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#20)..."

...on Friday...Well, why NOT! ?? LOL :)
Arriving from Tim in Belgium
is this delightful little design entitled
"Angry Cloud."
I love this card and am a big fan of Tim's art.
Tim also sent a few cards which we are collaborating on...
he made monoprint backgrounds in ink...
I will design "something" on top of that!
This art endeavor should be a real "hoot"! :)
From Teresa in Michigan came this happy little zentangle
all dressed up in beautiful metallic effects.
Love the design
and the bright vivid colors she used here.
A really fun card!
Then from sweet Judy in Tennessee
came this surprise package...
just in time for holiday entertaining!
The little coasters on the right are "magic carpets."
When Judy saw these...
she thought of my ATC series of like name...
and decided right then and there that
I just "had to have" these.
A lovely little cactus ATC,
a very endearing note,
and a beautiful card from a blogging friend
accompanied this little "sussie" gift!
(A "sussie" is a Southern tradition...
it is a small gift or treat, but, most importantly,
it is a small gift given
for no particular reason.)
What fun!

Thank you each so much!
Another enjoyable week of wonderful mail art, don't you think?


soulbrush said...

i like thankful thursday on friday -end of ther week, with lots here to be thankful for.

Teri C said...

Beautiful gift. Love the idea of your collaboration!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A great gathering of Sussies. You are blessed.

PAK ART said...

They are all beautiful - i've never heard of collaberating on ATC, what a great idea. We'd love to see what is created. I'm really loving that blue crab, the soft colors and detail is beautiful.

Lynn said...

Wonderful gifts all the art is stupendous...Judy's knocks me out!

Judy Butler said...

Oh Peg,
thank you for posting the Sussies. Yes, the Blue Crab cards are wonderful. I bought from my blogging friend Pam Johnson Brickell. Enjoy her blog:

Like many of you she and I blog and exchange goodies (she does not do ATCs but other kinds of Sussies).

Peg, I had the Magic Carpets for months but it was only during my week off from Chemo, that I got them into an envelope and my Kelly mailed to you. I am slowly making progress of getting other ATCs into the envelopes for my ATC friends. Will have to wait till next "week off."

Much hugs to all for the holidays!
I still have up the Halloween ATCs in the Kitchen archway. Just cannot take them down. Well we have pumpkin pie for Christmas. See they are still in season.

marianne said...

Wonderful sussies you got there!
Those carpets are fun too!