Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#19)..."

From Lee in Singapore
came these
beautiful ATC sized prints of 4 of her
pen and ink drawings.
Click on the image to see the detail...
I am so fascinated by the movement and
flow of her lines.
Each card is a mini masterpiece indeed! :)
From Cynthia, in North Carolina, came this lovely angel card
(and a bonus Cat ATC too!)
The musical notes on the angel card
remind me of all my choir days
singing Gregorian chant for church services
at St. Mary of the Woods.
I was such an "angelic child" back then...LOL :)
Cynthia and I have traded frequently...
She certainly has the digital magic down pat! :)

Then from London, delivered by Royal Mail,
came these two whimsical ATC cards from Joss!
The one to the left is entitled "Still Life"...
the one to the right is entitled "Hat in a Crowd".
What a wonderful surprise to receive!
Joss, you must have made over a "bazillion" cards by now!
Thanks for thinking of me! :)

This flower ATC arrived from Ruth in New Zealand.
Ruth makes lovely designs on her ATCs
also has a fabulous collection of zen drawings
made a special sketchbook.
I will be starting a book similar to hers and
and Sandra's (another Flickr friend) this coming New Year!
Should be great fun!
Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

These two pieces are from Debi in the U.K.
They are entitled "Cracked Splendour"
and are absolutely stunning in both texture and color .
Be sure to click on this image to enlarge.
According to Debi...
this is how the one on the right
was made:
"Card swiped with Vintage Photo distress ink.
Heat embossed several times with clear UTEE.
Stamped into top layer while warm.
Put into freezer for 10 minutes.
Bent so it cracked.
Rubbed with black ink and gold paint."
For directions for the card on the here. :)
This final batch of eye candy was sent by Marianne
in the Netherlands.
It was a total surprise too! :)
What more can I say...she is an international sensation!
What a treat to receive these beauties.
Click on the image to better see the Holiday card
which accompanied the goodies.
Now that definitely gets one in the mood to celebrate
this glorious season.

Thank you...each and every one!
happy "Hellos to All" from my postal delivery person.
She almost loves these exchanges as much as I do!
She has had such a delight delivering
such fun pieces!
I hope you enjoy them too! :)


Lynn said...

Isn't it fun to get all this wonderful art from around the world.I just love it. Posted mine from you today too. enjoy, enjoy!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Absolutely marvelous! It is so much fun seeing these small works of art.

Ellen said...

Wow! You will need a treasure chest to hold all these beautiful pieces of art.

Serena said...

You must have an amazing collection of ATCs....these are all beautiful!

soulbrush said...

we all love sending you cards as you display them so well,,,tee hee, they always look so good here!

"JeanneG" said...

You get lots of interesting little tidbits in your mail.