Monday, December 21, 2009

"Greetings from the Desert..."

...on this first day of Winter!
Have a warm and snuggly, happy and heartfelt
Cactus Monday!

"For the unlearned, old age is winter;
for the learned
it is the season of the harvest."
The Talmud


soulbrush said...

first day of winter, please tell our weather men that! hcm cactuteer.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful Cactus illio. The dark skies go with our skies only our skies are that cold grey of winter. An oh so typical winter day. Happy CM and Solstice.

Lynn said...

Your art is so colorful and beautiful. I just love this piece.

And thanks for the Talmud quote.

PAK ART said...

This has a batik quality about it, very pretty. We actually warmed up a bit on the first day of winter...high 20's. We are hoping it doesn't go above freezing because then it will be a mess. HCM!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...


marianne said...

Wow what a beautiful piece this is again!!!!
Love those colors and the white.
I still don't know how you do the white ;)

It is all white here, beautiful , but the whole country is disrupted.

Hope you are enjoying the days before Christmas and that your awful migraine stays away!


Evelyn Howard said...

Merry Christmas Margaret. Have a nice holiday, and happy New Year

studio lolo said...

A wonderful representation of the winter solstice!

Bedazzling ;)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

First day of winter - we seem to have been in the thick of this snow for ages here in East Anglia (England). Beautiful colours and design as usual.

Chris said...

I hope you have a fantasic holiday! And this is really fun. Love the lights.

Julie said...

OMG! How do you keep making such exceptional artworks??? You are just amazing!

Cynthia DiBlasi said...

Very beautiful Margaret! I love the style and colors. I just joined Cactus Monday, in anticipation of moving out to the desert myself! I bet it's beautiful there. :)