Monday, June 23, 2008

"Three Blue Agave..."

...All in a row!
These three little beauties are actually
"Task Tags"
that I made to accompany my
as she travels around the world.
they are not technically considered "cacti"
I thought this trio of desert agave
would still meet the mark of a Cactus Monday post!
Have a Happy Cactus Monday All! :)
P.S. Tequila is made from fermented agave leaves...
just in case you were wondering. :)


Kathleen said...

Your art is so vibrant and HAPPY! I read back to the start of your blog - How wonderful for us that you share the joy you find in your life and your art

Anita Davies said...

My most favourite colours together: green and blue...GORGEOUS!
Now....what exactly are task tags?

Anetka said...

Margaret, everytime I visit your blog it's a feast to my eyes and my soul.
Thank you for sharing your art:)

Forever Young said...

ooops, i forgot all about cactus monday, better go see what i can post right now, happy cm cactuteer.

freebird said...

I just don't enjoy the cacti where I live like I enjoy yours! I did enjoy this one if you want to see it here

Can you see what I saw?
I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Sandy said...

Yes vibrant and lively and full of fun - I look forward to your posts!!