Friday, June 13, 2008

"I Miss You..."


Lately, there are some things I have really been missing!

Like green grass, rain, summer flowers, black soil,

my beautiful columbine garden,

and drawing.


I am on a roll now...

the Maruman_X Project is underway

my fears about starting my book have been squelched

and I am now finding


to think about this beautiful summer season,

my midwest gardens of the past,


to make and share with all of you!

This drawing was inspired by a photograph of one of my beautiful

red columbines

and is dedicated to my sister-in-law


who appreciates the serenity of quiet moments

and is awaiting with hope and courage the

blooming of summer in the beautiful mountains

of her Colorado home.

Sue, I miss you the most!

God Bless!


Lisalou said...

Yay, Peg, let me be first to say, we miss your posts when you miss a day! You have a Columbine garden? Wow! I bet your SIL loves seeing her state flower painted so beautifully.

Margaret Ann said...

Hey Lisa...thanks for your kind's kinda nice to be for the columbine garden...that was from when I lived in Illinois...only a memory in my heart now I guess...LOL :)

Anita Davies said...

I've missed you too Margaret but this more than makes up for it, it is fabulous!!!

Starr said...

I'm in Colorado and I've never seen a columbine this beautiful! Love the tune!!

Teri C said...

Just simply beautiful! So glad to see you back!!

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks all...written with a big big smile!

Starr...this columbine came in a mixed flat including colors of yellow, white, red, and deep deep purple...the garden was really a color feast for the eyes ! But, as beautiful as they were they never came even close to the beautiful blue wild mountain columbines of Colorado. :)

Forever Young said...

in london and never seen a columbine either, glorious colours, your sil is a very fortunate lady.

lyn said...

You every day in May artists are amazing! I decided to try almost every day in June and its been harder than I thought! I'm looking for cacti Saw some bigg blooms the other day couldn't stop... hope I haven't missed them! Do succulents count? I have lots of those. Thanks for your comment on my blog (hands)

lyn said...

I love your work!

Ann said...

Another fabulous art work! I look forward to what your next project brings :)

Lynn said...

What a beautiful columbine! You have such a wonderful drawing style.

SCquiltaddict said...

you really outdid yourself on this one...fabulous job!!!