Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Flying Solo..."

19th Annual Sketch Crawl Today!

I was required to spend the morning in
defensive driving school for a photo radar enforcement
speeding "event"
which clocked me 1 mph over the "legal limit"
on the Loop 101 in Scottsdale
back in May.
Anyway...class was say the least.

since the Phoenix sketch group had already met this morning
at the Heard Museum
I treated my happy little self to lunch at AJ's
"Purveyors of Fine Food."
My solo sketch crawl effort above documents my day
...of which one of the best parts
was a veal bratwurst (grilled outdoors)-yummy, yummy...
and a slice of Cherry Garcia chocolate crust cheesecake
which I am about to savor
posting this!

Oh, I almost forgot...
the coconut macaroon was "delish" too...
but that was just a "wee little bit" of a
"snack"! :)


Did I "mention" it was 115 degrees in Phoenix today?
That bratwurst wasn't the only thing cookin' out here! :)


Nina Johansson said...

Cool to put all of these sketches on the same page - it makes a beautiful layout with all those strong colours. I love the writing in there too.

Anita Davies said...

I love the way you have thrown all of this together to make such an interesting composition and burst of colour.

Teri C said...

First of all...1 MILE OVER!!! WOW!
Sounds like you had a wonderful day anyway. Lovely sketches.

Brenda Y said...

Well that adds a whole new dimension to "speed traps," and what a way to spend your morning!! LOVELY layout, very interesting subjects so well put together and excellent color! I like this better than doing one subject per page. I think we were at 108 -- hot and DRY!

freebird said...

Sheesh! I heard they were only going to get those going more than 10 miles over the limit. We don't have those cameras up here in Kingman but then - we don't have ANYthing to speak of!

Your page is just terrific. I love all that color dripping off one page. So bright and cheerful rather than hot and wilted which is probably what you were afterwards.

pompatooie said...

What did you use to make the bright colors? Is it watercolor or marker? This is such an energetic sketch. Bright colors make me feel happy. Nadine

kazumiwannabe said...

Oh, wow! It's great! Beautiful, funny and colorful... I really need to learn to use watercolor!

SCquiltaddict said...

another all the intense color..come east young lady its not as hot..and you could have hung out with the other two margarets!:>

Shelly McC said...

Oh The colour!........Gorgeous!