Sunday, June 22, 2008

"A Few Peeks Before Packing.."

...up my little Maruman friend

will be taking place between 4 artists :
Anita Davies in England,
Nina Johansson in Sweden,
Jennifer Lawson and myself
both here in the United States.

This week "Journey" begins her international travel adventures...
5,427 miles from her home in Arizona
and crossing the deep blue seas of the North Atlantic.
First stamp in her passport....Nina in Sweden.
What joy and excitement "Journey" must feel!
Wish I could go with her! :)

AND... on this special day...
June 22, 2008...
A Big Happy Birthday Dad! Love You!


Teri C said...

Oh WOW each one is a BEAUTY!! And so 'Arizona'. Wish it was coming to my house :) I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful art from this project.

Happy Cactus Monday too.

Ann said...

Just gorgeous! What an exciting project!

Rick said...

Very, very nice work. Colorful - like the music too.

Cheryl said...

Love, love, LOVE your style! Found you through the project via Jennifer Lawson's blog. I am so inspired by your project and I particularly love your entries here. I think the patterning in your lines are hypnotic and enticing and as well I'm a nut for a good calligraphic hand. Nice work!!

purplepaint said...

This is wonderful! What a fun project! Marva