Sunday, February 6, 2011

"The Kick Off.."

to my 3rd annual week of Valentine hearts
begins today with this heart...
made in my Artful Musings Sketchbook
just for fun.
She was drawn lead free "ink straight in"...and
was originally designed to be a metaphor...
a heart-filled bridge
connecting winter to spring.
I never intended to color her...or even post her...
but as my Muse moped around pouting-
big ol' pitiful eyes and all...
I caved
and "Poof" out came the colored pencils,
"Mmmm" went the scanner,
"Click" went the mouse.
The size of this piece is about 8" square.
Here are the links to my previous
Valentine's day hearts
in case you might want to pop in for a look-see.
Click here for the "Black Hearts" series...
and here
for last year's Lemony Hearts series...:)
"Follow your heart,
but be quiet for a while first.
Ask questions, then feel the answer.
Learn to trust your heart.”
Author Unknown

(Hmmm...Just a thought...
might one substitute the word "Muse " for "Heart" above?
Might they just be the same identity?
Today, I think so...:)


Anonymous said...

Being from the pine tree state of Maine I love this heart to pieces !!!!

winna said...

thst's me being anonymous by mistake...winna

studio lolo said...

I can't wrap my head around the fact that not one bit of this is sketched out first. You amaze me!

This is a beauty beyond beauty. Does that make sense?
I love how the nestled pine cone seems to be enveloped in a tulip's embrace.
Oh and those corset-like pine needles with the scrolling, lacy trim.
Every single bit of this is wonderful!

So are you ;)

Carole Meisenhelter said...

such a thoughtful heart recognizing winter to spring connections. The colours again, draw me to your art, and I like the delicate balance of finer leaves dangling to the bottom.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Can't wait to see the rest of this series. A break out heart.

Catherine said...

Wow! I really find this beautiful. I can see it framed. Very creative. Also, glad you put the links to your other heart series. I enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Lynn said...

I thought you might be referring to the Super Bowl with your "Kick Off" title! And quickly SAW two footballs before looking more closely! ;-) funny how my brain works.

Lynn said...

This is wonderfully creative. And I like the quote, too.

Alex said...

Awesome design for a special occasion ^^

PAK ART said...

I love the pinecones! This is beautiful, can't wait to see where else you wander!

Elza said...

Wait, wait. Is it me, or do I see a protea? Whatever it is, pine cone or Protea this is lovely.