Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Haat Cha!...Cha, Cha, Chaaa...!"

by the very heartbeat of life itself...
the delta city of New Orleans, Louisiana
pulsates non stop
with expressive tones of jazz
and spicy flavors of syncopated rhythms.
These life forces run through the veins
of her resilient residents
and have mesmerized visitors from afar.
Day or night there is color and festivity and
very much
like another grand city even further south...
South America to be exact.
Almost instantly,
images of swagger, and shimmy, and
hypnotic swaying, and outlandish costumes
captivate imaginations
and fill hearts with the zest of Carnival!

My "Fancy Full Hearts" for today
celebrate man's ongoing romance with Music.
From her classical, subdued melodies
to her improvisational jazzy riffs...
we celebrate her!
From her soft, subconscious, toe tapping gentility
to her euphoric, primal, driving beats...
we celebrate her!
For her ability to addict our spirits
with exhilaration and intoxicating freedom
to magically dress our persona
swagger, sway, sauciness, and shimmy
we celebrate her...
with the fullest...of hearts...:)

Haat Cha!~ Cha Cha Chaaa!

produces a kind of pleasure
which human nature cannot do without”


Anonymous said...

Beautiful - I'm off to play my favourite music, inspired by your work here!

Dan Kent said...

Cha Chaaaa, as the beat burrows in my brain, and Monk, Marsalis, Miles and Metheny meander through my day, I carry your beautiful hearts with me, and I dance.. (not too well, mind you, but no one's watching!)

winna said...

Music calms the savage beast that lives in all hearts and your work expresses it so well !

BarbaraB said...

These are exuberant and saucy! Love them.

Lynn said...

Love it all.

studio lolo said...

I was listening to Pandora last night as I painted my heart out on a 24"x48"canvas. I know what you mean about the music!

I can't get over the detail in the rio heart. Holy smokes!

Alex said...

Lovely! =) Valentine's coming... can hear the hearts beating?

debra morris said...

Beautiful Margaret!