Friday, February 4, 2011

"A Heart...Warming", it's c...c...c...old outside!
Here in the "Valley of the Sun"
we hit 75 year old overnight LOW temps
in the "low 20's" this week
and highs only in the lower 40's...
which were actually lower than those in
Anchorage Alaska!
add in fierce gusty winds, an official "hard" freeze,
a record low February dew point
of -18 degrees
and Phoenix was in the deep freeze.
It was soooo dry
the winds sliced like sharp sabers.
The Pro Am of the Phoenix Open was even cancelled
due to the fact that the greens
were tundra-like and could be easily damaged.
Plants and citrus trees everywhere
took on ghostly appearances
covered with sheets and car covers and
towels and rags.
Pool pumps, outdoor spigots, and irrigation systems
suffered heavy damage
from the freeze if not cared for properly.
Fountains and outdoor water features froze
into jeweled lacy ice sculptures.
Today temps are 25 degrees below the seasonal average.
this weekend
they are to return to a somewhat normal range
hitting the 70's by Sunday. YAY!
amidst all this chilly frigid blog speak...
I DO realize that
others have had a winter season far worse than I...
and that
I would rather shovel sunshine than snow...
no matter how cold it gets! :)
Today I send you sunshine and smiles
from the desert.
I hope that your artistic spirits and your gardens
will slowly begin to warm
to the thoughts and plantings of
a springtime filled with glorious blooms.
Now there's a
heart warming thought for sure!

All the statistics in the world
can't measure the warmth of a smile.
~Chris Hart


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Stay warm! And warm up before I get there!;) jgl:)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I saw pictures of those frozed water fountains in your area on tv. What a mess. I hope all the outdoor plants aren't ruined. Your heart sketch is sweet. I like the snowflakes on the edges.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Awwww what a little piece of wonderful! Thank you, Margaret!

marianne said...

Everywhere these extreme weather conditions...... what is going on!
Your heart is fantastic ♥

PAK ART said...

ah ha ha - I really got a kick out of your post this morning. You are correct, Anchorage did not get that cold this week! Where we are, we get warm Japanese air currents so Anchorage is often warmer than the northern states of WI, MN, ND, etc. But, we NEVER have parrots flying around.

stART said...

What a beautiful piece of art.