Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Catching Up...With Artistic Beauty..."

...from Lisa in Arkansas...
a really unique alcohol inked background and postage stamp.
...From Cathy in Vermont...
...two magical star constellations...specially embedded with
deep personal symbolism for me.
...From Caroline in Australia...
a gorgeous artist hang tag and embellished envelope.
... From Marva in Colorado...
my own personal painting of the Garden of the Gods
with Pikes Peak in the background!
(I want to go there and paint with Marva someday!)
...From Amy in Illinois...
A hauntingly beautiful silver hawk warrior card
drawn completely in colored pencil.
(Amy is a member of the
prestigious Colored Pencil Society of America...
her work is utterly brilliant!)
From Elaine in New Zealand...
a dramatic card made with inks called "Rainy Afternoon".
It arrived the day of a big monsoon storm in Arizona..
the sky for real looked just like this card!
...And, lastly, from Denise in Oregon...
An stunning oriental inspired quilted card with
absolutely meticulous beading.
Denise has won numerous awards for her
fine quilting techniques...:)

Ahhh! Such fun!
As always, I encourage you to "meet" and take a peek
at the work of these fine artists...
Just click on their name and you will be directed
to their galleries.
(Click, also, on any photo to enlarge it.)
May you find some beautiful and special surprises
in your personal life this Thankful Thursday.
Thanks for the visit!


Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

They are all beautiful in their own unique way. There sure are a lot of talented people out there!!!

Caroline said...

Another fabulous selection of cards - the silver hawk warrior card is fantastic!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are all gorgeous. The hawk warrior really moves me.

studio lolo said...

a fabulous array of beauty!!!

And OH MY OH MY that warrior card!!