Monday, November 30, 2009

"The Last (Cactus) Hurrah..." least for the month of November...
(...gone already!)
drawn here with a few of her remaining autumnal friends.
Just where did the month go!!!???

Happy Cactus Monday All! :)

"Every day has been so short,
every hour so fleeting,
every minute so filled with the life I love
that time for me
has fled on too swift a wing."
Aga Khan III


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That swift wing has been fluttering here too. Amazing how time flies. Love this fall cactus. HCM.

Caroline said...

She's a beauty!! Where has the month gone, indeed!

soulbrush said...

omg where did the year go?? this is ausome!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Like the composition and colours for your latest Cactus Monday . Now November's gone, better get on with planned Christmas painting gifts!!! So like the way you track down appropriate verse for each of your posts.

marianne said...

Lovely november cactus Margaret!
Oh my what has happened???!!!!
You disappeared from my blog list and today I realized it was so long ago since I saw something from you and came over via Teri, as your link wasn't on my sidebar anymore........and what do I see i have missed out an anormous amount of posts!
Wel tomorrow with my morning coffe I will catch up and see all the beauties you have been creating lately!
Sorry dear!
Don't know what has happened but I restored it.
See you tomorrow!
Look forward to suck in all that sunshine and eye candy!



Just love that cactus and pumpkin.

Barbara Sailor said...

What a great November Cactus!
I love the colors and the composition.

Evelyn Howard said...

Hi Margaret, love yr work as usual! Happy Cactus Monday!

Lynn said...

HCM. Your drawings always bring awe responses from my mouth, eyes, and heart. Love them ALL!!!!

studio lolo said...

mmmm, I'm lovin' the berries and the twisty stem.

Bye-bye November! I hardly remember you arriving and now you're leaving :(

Teri C said...

Beautiful composition for November in the desert!!!