Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#3)..."

Another week of special surprises and wonderful snail mail...! :)

...Presented by Fadwa in Dubai...
an artist, writer, and jewelry designer extraordinaire.

... Presented by Soulbrush in England...
who is currently "over the moon" in blogging joy and "Maggie-ness."
...A balmy tropical ATC trade with Lazzelle in Virginia...
What a glorious array of ATCs she has created! Pop over for a visit!
...A second trade...this time a 2 for 2...with Melody in Utah-
again, beautiful papers included as a fun extra...
I hope to hear from her soon on a third trade...fingers crossed.
And finally, yet another magical and wonderful "trade package"
from Marianne in the Netherlands.
(Simply click on images to enlarge and enjoy.
Click on highlighted names to visit individual artist's work!))

I want each of you to know
each precious bit of art that crosses my door...
each little comment you share on my blog...
each time you just silently pop in for a peek...
is dear to me.
They are the magical "stuff" that makes me smile
deep inside
that place in my heart where my Muse lives.
Lately, she has been dancing
and leaping with

"Muses work all day long
and then at night get together and dance."
~Edgar Degas


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such fun lively creative works.

RHCarpenter said...

What a wonderful bunch of art cards this time! Each time is such a joy for me just watching, I know it's pure pleasure for you to get those envelopes in the mail and then open and see what treasures are inside! And congratulations on your 2 awards - both very much deserved :) So happy we are finally getting to trade, too!!!

soulbrush said...

oh wowie, and whew and 'bloody marvellous' (as the brits say!) and you know how much we love you too. when i first started commenting on your blog, there were very few comments, now you are loved by all!!!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

Thankful Thursdays are turning into such a treat! I thank YOU for sharing all this wonderful goodness with us. :)

PAK ART said...

It's so much fun to see all kinds of art from all over the world. That's why I really like Urban Sketcher too. So many different styles! Creative people everywhere - I want to sit with all of them and paint.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Of course you deserve these awards - we all can't wait to see what exotic works you have to share with us. So good to be back and stroll through all the missed posts.
Thought of you when I tramped (breathless) up hill behind our hotel to the birthplace of Daniel Comboni, one of the first missionaries to Central Africa ... for as I walked along I spotted a wonderful cactus in bloom - and all at once I thought of your CACTUS MONDAY POSTS. Hopefully I'll paint it one day .

~Babs said...

Wonderful examples of art and friends!

marianne said...

Lovely trades and gifts there, glad to see mine among them to make you happy.
All this trading is just great all these surprises falling on the doormat are so much fun!
You deserve those awards dear!


Chris said...

Hey, lady!
These are so cool!

I wanted you to know I finally featured your cards on my blog because I just couldn't wait for my blog break to be over to show them.

Someone named Joss commented asking to trade ATCs with me and I wrote back to her, but never heard. Do you know who I mean?

I'm going to go look at your CRAVE post now. looks interesting...

Claire M said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! .... and my days are brightened by each new post that you put up. I love to see what is the latest from you. Keep painting and have fun in the process.