Monday, May 26, 2008

"Out Of My Mind...! "

Fantasia imaginina

Characterized by frequently changing form and color.
Natural habitat located somewhere between the subconscious
the tip of one's paintbrush.
Classified into two categories according to flowering cycle:
Nocturnal dream blossoms
mid-afternoon day-dreaming blooms.
The ancients of Bloggerama noticed cacti of this type
mysteriously appearing like magic out of thin air
on Mondays.
Hence, they celebrated these sightings with special
festivals and regalia.
Then, under the leadership of their Queen,
these festivals where passed down through generations
and became commonly known as
Cactus Monday

This species of cacti needs minimal care...
thrives in the rich environment and wonders of blogland
and is intrigued by
the casual passing by of interested visitors.

In the words of the those very wise ancients...
Happy Cactus Monday All!


luba_smith said...

Beautiful colors!

Sandy said...

Love it!!

Mai-Britt said...

Just lovely...............

Deborah said...

Yes, you may be just a little....but in this case I think it is a very good thing. Lovely and very creative!

Linda T said...

Beautiful art and hilarious post!

caseytoussaint said...

Beautiful, beautiful painting.

SCquiltaddict said...

What a lovely lovely cactus painting

Serena said...

A great post and painting! I'm sure Queen TeriPaintedDaisyius would approve. :)

Christie said...

The colors, the texture of the background, the quality of the line, it's all good! If this be crazy, I wanna be, too!

Shelly McC said...


Forever Young said...

i love it, the story and the terrific art, from foreveryoungius, happy (belated) cactus monday.

Linda said...

Hee hee ... the "Queen TeriPaintedDaisyius" -- that's truly wonderful! And your drawing is also truly wonderful.

Sharon said...

These colors are fabulous!. And I love your Zentangles. They look like they would be very relaxing to draw.

Jennifer Lawson said...

This is really beautiful, Margaret. Great colors and textures.

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks all! FYI...I used plastic wrap over mu first wash and it gave me that textured effect...learned that in a watercolor workshop I took last spring...:)

Oh, yes...I think Teri got a kick out of the story too! :)