Monday, May 12, 2008

"105 Years Ago.."

Echinocactus damsii
Inspired by the original Schumann botanical print drawn in 1903.

Drawn by me, over a century later, with Prismacolor pencils
in my new
Strathmore Black Field Drawing Book.

how's that for a
Happy Cactus Monday ?!


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful, Margaret.

Name: StilinStyle said...

Fantastic looking on the black background. Do you use watercolor pencils?

Teri C said...

Just stunning!! I love the way colors look so much brighter on black paper.

Sandy said...

Simply gorgeous!

Forever Young said...

question? have you ever had lessons? it is incredible to me the work you produce. you 'rock', and happy cactus monday fella cactuteer!

Sandy said...

I've been uninspired lately and have not had time to draw but after visiting here and a few other art blogs I love, wow, I'm getting inspired again.

Beautiful beautiful cactus.

E-J said...

There's just no beating black paper for its vavoom! Are the Prismacolors super-soft? It looks like a pastel. Lovely!

Anita Davies said...

Ooooh, black suits you Margaret, this is gorgeous!
I've had a set of 12 karisma (same as prisma) for a while and I LOVE them, so I treated myself to a tin of 72 last week. They've arrived and look so yummy!!!

SCquiltaddict said...

Beautiful...even better when you click on the picture and see it up close and personal...AWESOME job!!