Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Bon Appetit...! "

...Chocolate Cherry Cream Cake
"Blinged out to the max "
Chocolate curls,
Chocolate Sprinkles,
A squiggle or two of Chocolate Cream,
And a Cherry on the top.
Yum?? Yum!!

EDM # 169
"Draw a Piece of Cake"


MaryO said...

Oh my! I gained three pounds just looking at it!! Yum!

Christie said...

Wow! Words fail me -- Wow!

Lisalou said...

I cannot believe how inspired your work is by an envelope! Amazing stuff! I think I just have to give it whirl myself.

I miss our blog music Margaret--if you find a substitute, will you let me know? :-(

Shelly McC said...

Goergeous drawing and Yummo!!

Sandy said...

well WOW. Your drawings always make me HAPPY. great job Margaret Ann...


p.s. Of course I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I just found some old photos of cactus on my other computer and I'm going to give it another try soon.

Lynn said...

This is just gorgeous! I love the detail in your drawings. This is a visual feast!

Ann said...

Okay, now I'm seriously hungry :)
Great drawing!