Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Here, Kitty, Kitty..."

 I am severely allergic to cats.
I sneeze and get all itchy and terribly congested
whenever I am near them.
I take allergy medicine...but to no avail.
All that being said...
I don't mind drawing them...and actually am
extremely fascinated by their
beautiful eyes.
To me cats seem almost like messengers...spiritual entities...
if you will.
These photo are of my pages are, actually, yet another
"work in progress" for you to enjoy
They were made
in Cindy's "cat themed"
zentangle inspired
Japanese fold Maruman sketchbook.
Pencil outlines came first...above...
 ...then an ink overlay...
 ...some color trials...
 ...all followed by the first layers of watercolor.
 Next on the agenda was
 more layers of color...ever deepening the values.
(Click on any image to enlarge.)
a zen filled "Bali Cat" emerges all perfectly primped
florally blinged out
ready for a fun night on the town
possibly, a special magical encounter.
You know...
I thoroughly enjoyed this project...
no sneezes...
no itchiness...and no congestion...

"I believe cats to be spirits come to earth.
A cat, I am sure,
could walk on a cloud
without coming through."
~Jules Verne


Fifi said...


VivJM said...

Your Bali cat is awesome! I too *atchoo* am allergic to cats so you have my sympathies there!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am not allergic to cats thank goodness. I don't have one though. I like cats. I had a cat that lived 18 years once. She was wonderful. Like your cat here she liked the night life. Love this book. Your sketch is marvelous.

marianne said...

Well how cute is this???!!!
I love it!
BTW also the previous pages! Wish it was my book :)
Thank goodness I am not allergic.
Have a wonderful week!

Mary Walker Designs said...

Pallets are always such beautiful messes. Your final piece is rich with color.

Stefano said...

Marvellous work! Your cat is wonderful!

studio lolo said...

ZENsational !!!! Very Laurel Burch :) I can get lost in your wonderful patterns and colors. In fact, that's just what I do!

I'm allergic as well but I just can't live without at least one. I finesse my way around it the best I can, but if I have to go back to getting injections and being on an inhaler, no more kitties for me. Quality of life, right?

Beautiful entry!♥

Teri Casper said...

Wow, love this zen cat! Unusual and beautiful,

Sandra said...

Thanks for showing the stages. AS always, I'm so impressed!

mhegan kate said...

Cause your allergic to cats. You've brought your frustrations on these wonderful drawings. That's sensational. A very creative idea.
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