Sunday, July 8, 2012

"The Visitors..."

Above is the finished spread
of the WIP (Work In Progress) I posted yesterday.
You can click on image to enlarge...:)
And below is the back story
to accompany the art.
I attached a copy of the story to the backside
of my spread.
This book has only two more artists to go
before it returns home to
in New Zealand.
And, now...the story:

Behind the “Back Of Beyond”…
floating above and between
all that is known and yet to be known…
is a sacred place
“Those Who Came Before All" live.
These beings are like no other.
Invisible and ethereal
they appear merely for an instant
as a
twinkle in the mind’s eye.
On occasion
they might visit human life forms
in the mysterious guise of
“Deja Vous”.
They dance on velvety black skies
creating shimmering auroras
and twinkling stars.
They slide through slivers of time
leaving stardust trails
in their wake.
They bring gifts of
imagination, inspiration, insight,
to those who are ready to receive.
They expertly guide newcomers to the
lands past the
“Back of Beyond”.
Cloaked in rainbow hued mists,
they have been known to reveal themselves
in the presence of
collaborative artistic promise.
And…such a spectacular event
has, indeed, occurred.
let it be written
on this warm summer’s eve
that I,
Margaret Storer Roche,
an appointed rememberancer
of the years 200-230 of the Flutterby era,
have artistically documented
the appearance of these magical visitors
for all to remember
and for all of the time yet to come.


nanke's stuff said...

This is so cool! She will love it, no doubt. nancy

nanke's stuff said...

This is so cool! She will love it, no doubt. nancy

Evelyn and Lise said...

I love the beings!!!! You blow me away each time I visit your site. Your writings ..... oh my !!! You are so gifted. Lise

Mary Walker Designs said...

It's always fun to see the before color and after. It really makes them pop.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You definitely have a connection to the other world. Beautifully illustrated.

studio lolo said...

You never cease to blow my mind!! Wonderful art and legend my friend. I love the starry skies behind them, and that eye...only you can do those. I also love seeing my little calendar on your work table ;)


marianne said...

Beautiful!!! You can just paint any subject!

pet shops said...

Hi! Spectacular work in progress. Its so vibrant and fabulous. The back story is a also a good one. Thanks for sharing.