Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Seasonal Fabric Design..."

...inspired from an ad I saw
this summer in Chicago magazine.
Drawn ink straight in...
and flipped into the negative format with
Microsoft Digital Editor.
Looks like a snowy branch...doesn't it?
a rather an appropriate flip
(if I do say so myself)
as it is almost the winter season
I am just now posting
this quirky little summer drawing...
LOL :)

"To be interested in the changing seasons
is a happier state of mind
than to be hopelessly in love
with spring."
~George Santayana


Lisa at Greenbow said...

A very nice drawing Peg. I love the quote here too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

P.S. I have been over to look at all your Halloween ATCs. Those women are so very ghostly in a beautiful way. I haven't figured out how to leave a comment there.

PAK ART said...

I love this branch - it is so delicate. Just looked back at all your Dia de Los Muertos ladies - that looked like a lot of fun!