Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Backtracking..." an attempt to catch up...
with all my summer journal drawings
I am ready for new art
for the holidays!
This was drawn "ink straight in"...lead free...
while awaiting an
optometry appointment this summer back in Illinois.
This was my view
from where I was seated in the waiting room.
I actually added watercolor just about a week later...
flipped it into the "negative" with Microsoft Digital Editor
a few seconds ago
and finally posted it just now...
almost 4 months
later. its finest!

"Never forget
the power of silence,
that massively disconcerting pause
goes on and on
and may at last induce an opponent
to babble and backtrack
~Lance Morrow


thepinkrachael said...

Both the original and negative version look great! I'm forever playing catch up (I have pages from over a year ago I'm still determined to do!!), better late than never I say!

Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Both are beautiful! I did a little backtracking this week, a sketch done a few weeks ago that just got posted yesterday. Backtracking at it's finest

Lynn said...

I so appreciate your style!

Alex said...

Nice lamp post! =) Love the colors too

marianne said...

Well glad you still have all those sketched to show us!

Hope you are doing fine

raena said...


Sasa said...

Beautiful line work!