Monday, June 13, 2011

"Form Vs. Function..." newest tree of life-illustrated in my Zen Journal...
drawn "ink straight in" and digitally flipped.
The inspiration for her
came from a wonky week of days spent dealing with
kidney stones, migraines, CT scans
and medical appointments.
I think
things are on the mend...I have a follow up
appointment today...
guess I will have to wait and see (hear)
what the good doc has to say.
Definitely not in blogging mode...funny how
quickly I can get thrown off my

"The art of medicine
consists in amusing the patient
while nature cures
the disease."


E*phi said...

What a gift, being able to make all this stuff into a beautiful drawing! Wonderful tree!
Hope you're fine! <3

Lisa at Greenbow said...

When I first looked at your tree of life I was thinking a sea creature of some sort. Now that you have mentioned kidney stones I see other things in this tree. I can see your pain even though you have made it appear beautiful. Get well..Big hugs.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Sorry about all the health problems of late. Love the tree of life and Voltaire's quotation you shared.

Deborah said...

Feel better. Even under the weather your work is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Easily ~ I think not! Any ONE of those things can knock your socks off! And you're still creative!Take care & be well! Love ya! btw ~ when ARE you heading north & east??? jgl:)

kazumiwannabe said...

I hope you're okay. I never get tired of seeing your work, so beautiful, colorful and creative, always!

marianne said...

You have a lot on your mind dear!
Blogging is fun when you feel fit , healthy and have time.......
Your tree of life doesn't reflect your health issues dear, it is gorgeous.
Hope you will be healthy soon again!Kidney stones and migraines sound like you have been in a lot of pain......
Healing hugs for you♥

Alex said...

Love it! Hopefully you get better soon!

PAK ART said...

I'm so sorry you've been feeling that way! The migraines alone are enough to put you over the edge, but then to have the other stuff too is just too much! I love your quote...I think that every time someone tells me a "new, sure-thing cure" for migraines. I told one person to stop. I've tried it all and I'm tired of buying stuff that doesn't work.

studio lolo said...

oh my, I'm so sorry to hear this!

I was a long time migraine sufferer until they went away as a bonus to my hysterectomy. I guess mine were estrogen fueled. Ugh. Awful.
I can't even imagine kidney stones! I love the kidneys and spine in your drawing btw ;)
It looks like an elaborate candelabra!

I hope your appt goes well today. Feel better soon!


Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

Hope you are 'painless'now...I held my head and my belly in the drawing with it's 'hidden' meaning.