Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Colored Memories..."

Here she is...
"Seeds, Sprouts, Stems, and Swirls"
all blinged up with color just as you all suggested!
The original B/W illo can be seen here...:)

I am posting this here specially today
in memory of my
Uncle Al...my mom's brother...who passed away
when I was only 10.
Today would have been his 85th birthday!
I find this fact VERY hard to to wrap my head around.
I remember him as a really cool young man...
an adventursome favorite uncle,
filled with wanderlust...
who had an avid love of trains, music,
the romance of the old west.
He was someone who trusted me
to play with his phenomenal model train set
all by myself
I was just a very little girl.
And, of course, he spoiled me like no other. :)
I remember taking a special train trip,
just he and I,
on the Milwaukee Road train Hiawatha route
to Milwaukee.
We sat in the domed train car,
had lunch in the "fancy smanchy" dining car,
and took pictures from
the special curved glass club car
at the end of the train.
What an adventure for my young imagination.
Now, as I reflect back I simply wonder
in astonishment...
where have all those years gone?
They have passed by in a blur...like colorful scenery
viewed out of an old train window...
and, yet forever impressed in one's memory.

let's celebrate those favorite family members,
those unforgettable experiences,
those bright, colorful impressions of our youth,
even those flips in our perspectives.
May these kinds of experiences
continue to enhance the chapters of our lives
and help our spirits bloom.
Happy Blooming Tuesday All! :)


Louise said...

What a lovely tribute.
Your words awaken lots of
feelings of loved ones in
all of us.

Serena said...

What a very touching and beautiful tribute to your Uncle, Margaret. It's sad that he passed away so young but how lovely that you have such awesome memories of time spent with him.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a wonderful tribute for your Uncle. Precious memories. Time does fly doesn't it. I knew the color would bring this illio alive.

PAK ART said...

Yes, color! Love it. And I love the words about your uncle. We all have special people in our lives who have gone on and are missed.

freebird said...

Some people are only with us a short time but have a major impact on our lives. Nice tribute to your uncle and the color is terrific here.

Carole Meisenhelter said...

I certainly loved the colourful additions to your sketch and the happy memories it evoked; a lovely tribute. If only we each knew in our lifetime, that which will become such a profound moment in someone else's.

studio lolo said...

I love the way you chose to fill in the colors! Wonderful.

This is a dear tribute to your special uncle. I love his trust in you even at a young age. I have a feeling he pops by very now and then to see his special niece ;)

word veri=micar (my car on the train?)♥

Cathy Holtom said...

Beautiful work & tribute.

Alex said...

Terrific coloration! Love the design =)

Parabolic Muse said...

oh, come ON !!!