Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Lisa's Labor of Love..."

...landed smack dab in my heart
late this summer.
After making a long distance postal trip
from Indiana to Arizona
this special gift was then forwarded
to Illinois where I was in August and September.
What a complete surprise!
You can only begin to imagine
the wonderful joy this little handmade treasure
the best part of which was a thank you call to Lisa.
What a special moment it was indeed
to be able hear her voice
to connect with her person to person.
We have all intertwined
our lives deeply...both personally and artistically
through this magical world of
but it is until we actually meet...
either in person or over the phone that
some magic happens...on a most special level.
I treasure this beautiful journal
the thoughtfulness which brought it to my heart.
Every page I turn...every stroke I pen...
every memory I create in it
will be tied back to the skillful hands and
most generous and loving heart
of our dear Lisa.
So much to be thankful for...:)
"...a good friend is a connection to life-
a tie to the past,
a road to the future,
the key to sanity in a totally insane world.”
~Lois Wyse


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are most welcome Peg. I am glad you like it.

Teri C said...

Beautiful journal and I know how beautiful a journal Lisa makes. I have met her in person and she is as wonderful as on the phone. Very true words on blogging friendships.

Anonymous said...

How cool! And I love the quote! jgl:)

marianne said...

So true!!!
I know just how beautiful this is as she has sent me one of these gorgeous books herself!!!! Mine is just as lovely and so perfectly crafted.
Lisa is a true sweetheart and one of the friends I have made with blogging as well.