Sunday, January 31, 2010

"A Few More For Haiti..."

a "little birdie" by the name of
Miss Claire
left a comment on my blog
informing me that Laure would love to reach
a goal of 100 Art Hearts for Haiti.
these two hearts posted today
for the cause.
There may still be time to join us...
depending on when you are reading this...
The new e-mail deadline is tonight
at midnight!
Think about it...:)
Click the "Art Hearts for Haiti" button
on my side bar for info...:)


Claire M said...

These are very interesting hearts, I'm glad that they have been sent off to join the Haiti outreach effort. ;-)

Lisa Holtzman said...

These are stunning margaret!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are excellent.

Teri C said...

More beauteous hearts. I hope these help Laure reach 100!

marianne said...

That second one is so warm.
Did she reach 100 yet?
Let me know otherwise I will make a few more as well!