Friday, September 11, 2009

"In Rememberance..."

...of those souls lost
in the tragic events of eight years ago
on this day...
September 11, 2001.
May our fractured hearts and stunned senses of normal
continue to heal and grow
and blossom
into a peaceful hopeful vision of the future.
(An actual accounting of my morning on that fateful day
may be read here.)
I wish each of you...peace.


Caroline said...

Beautiful tribute.

studio lolo said...

One of your stunning hearts is the perfect image for today.
And wow, your account of the day it happened. It changed us all in profound ways.

marianne said...

Beautiful ATC and post....
Thank for this possitive post, it helps me stay possitve

Teri C said...

A beautiful tribute Margaret in your best Margaret style!

soulbrush said...

very touching, we will remember. we will never be the same.