Monday, September 14, 2009


me for not having an actual cactus to post today for
Cactus Monday. LOL :)
Since we extended our Illinois trip until next week
my portfolio of "postable prickly plants"
both in my camera and
on my flash drive
are just about down to nothing...
being without a scanner is
has become
a nagging thorn in my side...:)
Waa! Waa!
So... since forgiveness starts at home
and is all about
softening the "pricklies"...
smoothing out the sharp edges
removing all those proverbial thorns...
this heart was designed
"in the true spirit of a Cactus Monday"
and posted here today
as an introduction to the first in my
Heart Mantra ATC series...

"Forgiveness does not change the past,
but it does enlarge the
future. "
~Paul Boese


Julie said...

Hi Margaret! This is a lovely heart! I am looking forward to seeing your whole series! Did you get to see the heart cactus I did after being inspired by your milagros hearts? It is a few posts back on my blog.
Happy CM!!!!!

marianne said...

Nothing to forgive, this is just a perfect Cactus Monday post!
Lovely heart and message!

Teri C said...

Now who wouldn't forgive a heart like that!

We are headed out and plan to be in AZ on 9/29. Let's plan to meet this year. I promise not to fly off to Maui. lol


Lynn said...

I love the quote at the end of your thorny dialouge here today!
The heart of course is lovely as always! Prickly too. Fits perfect if you ask me for CM.

Judy Butler said...

Went looking for a cactus and found this lovely drawing instead. Judy

soulbrush said...

you could never do anything wrong in my eyes. hcm fellow cactuteer. xx

studio lolo said...

heart wonderful!
This works for me, but then everything you do works for me ;)

hey, two more weeks. The word verif is 'resti' so I guess staying longer makes sense!

PAK ART said...

I love your post today! I missed the last two cactus mondays and didn't come up with anything clever! But you, very clever young lady! I agree, it's in the spirit of Cactus Monday.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Clever post and wonderful words. Like the way the heart grows out of a plant - well it could be growing on a cactus but I don't think the leaves are quite right. With your heart and kindness, there is never anything that needs forgiving.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like this quote and will look forward to more of this series. It is so good to forgive. HCM.

TonyaA said...

Blessings, peace, and love to you!