Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Thankful Thursday...(#6)..."

From Fadwa in art piece with my name "Peg"
written in Arabic...(a digital copy of this was posted some time ago)
but now to have the original ...MMMMMM...nothing like it!
Fadwa is a talented writer, artist and jeweler...
a blog trip to visit her is most rewarding.
I love the stamps...and the pages of Arabic writing too!
(Click on any image to enlarge...the details in each are gorgeous)
From Melody in ATC entitled "The Queen of Hearts".
I felt from the moment I saw this card that it had
my name written all over it...
especially with the latest heart illustration addiction
I am "suffering" from...LOL :)
As always, Melody sent some beautiful papers as an "extra."

This amazing copper ATC is from Lisa in California...
It is hand embossed and treated with alcohol inks to add a rich
patina...fits with all my southwestern things perfectly!
I would love one wall size!!!
Fun little extras were tucked in the envelope as a surprise.

More treasure came from dear Marianne in the Netherlands...
packed in a sweet little "blingy" bag.
She has to be one of the busiest people I know...
travelling to each and every little corner of the world...
yet continuing to faithfully paint
these little art gems all of us love so very much.
Three beauties...
Capetown at Night, Sparkly Rainbow, and Saguaro Blooms...

From Sarah in England...her very first trade...
and what a bountiful and generous first trade it was!
You MUST click on this image to enlarge
as Sarah's detail work is spectacular...and a treat for all.
Note: the black and white design on the envelope
is an individual zentangled ATC...not part of the envelope art...
which in itself, made me and my postman smile really big!
Sarah's art is dainty, light and impeccable in detail.

And finally,
a beautiful postcard trade I made with Meneske in Turkey.
She is an accomplished painter...
I drool over her pieces
both for their subject matter and for her mastery of skills.
We became art friends through a postcard exchange
organized by Anita Davies in the UK,
in February 2008.
We had decided to trade last summer...and...time got away from us
but our plan finally came to fruition this year.
Meneske painted life in the village above where she lives...
what she saw one evening as the sun began to set... as you can imagine
the story she wrote on the back of her card
was breathtaking.
We plan to make more trades in the future.

Each night I look through my art trade books...
visit your blogs,
and think about how my life has
changed and my heart has grown by just being a member of this
artistic blogging world.
I am so thankful for each and every one of you...
You have added colors to my palette of life...
My artistic spirit soars!


PAK ART said...

All very beautiful! I better get busier if I expect to make trades with people all over the world too. And I want to. Must get back to the art table!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are true jewels. I love the sentiment of everyone being "colors to my palette of life". You have certainly spread lovely colors to other palettes as well.

soulbrush said...

golly gosh, these are all fabadabadoo. you only get what you give,and you keep giving! happy TT to you too. I remember when i first visited you, hardly any comments, nothing much going you are one busy and fulfilled women. YAH! love ya peg.

Teri C said...

Wow, it is like Christmas at your house! Such beautiful ATCs and gifts. Wowzers, one and all!


You are so Lucky!

Your Arabic "Peg" looks a little like a bunny.

3rdEyeMuse said...

words seem to escape me ... there's so much heart arriving in your mailbox ... no wonder your life has become more colorful!

yaya goldie said...

so much fun to see my atc on your blog! thanks. i love trading with you and looking at your artwork. inspirational.

Anonymous said...

So happy your liked it in person, too :-). Teri Rees Wang says it looks like a bunny - that's so cute!
Enjoy all your lovely gifts, you have such a warm and lovely spirit.


marianne said...

Oh Margaret, what beautiful pieces came in your mailbox!
So nice to see art from artists who are new to me....
Sarah art is stunning and your name in Arabic is awesome!
Fun to see my art among the things that made you happy!

Ps yes Margeret, the one you have reserved for me is perfect!!!


Angela said...

Lucky girl!

Serena said...

WOW....a wonderful array of jewels, Margaret....all beautiful!

bubblemunch said...

I'm honoured to be one of your Thankful Thursdays Margaret.
Thanks so much :-) I'm soaring right alongside!