Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Are Off and Running!

 A few of my art girlfriends...
actually 21 of us...
unofficially kicked off our first ever Artist Trading Card
summer art project today.
We will each design 20 cards
 this summer and fall
and get back together February 1, 2014 and trade
them with each other.
Knowing this group...I am certain that
ice cream cones,
wine, good eats, and lots of laughs will be involved...
almost every step of the way.
My mandala shown here
is entitled "Circle of Friends"...and was made
quite some time ago...
way before this project was even
in the wind.
I thought it a perfect complement
to the spirit, 
enthusiasm, and positive wide-eyed anticipation
 that bound
our little group together today.
I am delighted and tickled pink that my artistic Muse
has found
so many kindred spirits with which to artfully play...
a "Circle of Friends"...indeed!

"A desire to share creative expression with others
and to find
peace, joy, and perspective
in mining the depths of my internal world …
makes me an artist."
~D.A. Hickman


Stacy said...

What a great idea! I'm just south of you in a Tucson sketcher's group called the Sketchbook Brigade, and I will suggest your idea for our group!

Lynn Cohen said...

Sounds like fun, and your "circle of friends" mandala is perfect!

marianne said...

Wow this sounds like a cool project Wish I lived nearby I would love to join a project like that
The cacti mandala is fabulous, as all of your creations are

Caatje said...

I'm amazed you have 20 artsy girlfriends. Have fun with the project!

Alex said...

love this cactus themed mandala :)