Friday, January 25, 2013

Barbara's Bistro Book...

the rough draft is completed on copy paper...
is then followed by drawing the illustration
using graphite
in the actual Maruman Japanese fold sketchbook.
This step is always sooo messy for me...
lots of erasing
along with fingers and hand clean up to follow.
 Next comes laying in the favorite part.
Here is where I get to add details
and begin to carve out the finished product.
Ahhh!, at long last...
here is the reveal of the final book in our exchange.
presenting to all of blogland...Barbara's book...
my entry is at the very end.
Click on any image to enlarge for better viewing...:)
 Barbara's pages 1 and 2...officially
opening the bistro for business and a world of artistic encounters.
 Her pages are followed
 by Paulette's bountiful Italian inspired pages 3 and 4...
I absolutely LOVE that quote...:)
 ...and then we go "South of the Border"
for Jan's zesty "Killer Guacamole" illustration
and recipe on pages 5 and 6.
 Next comes a familiar laid back reference to the king
of Key West...Jimmy Buffett...
on Char's pages 7 and 8...
 ...followed by Carolle's fresh and healthy market inspired
bistro take
on pages 9 and 10.
 Cindy's pages 11 and 12 follow with a country inspiration,
some fresh seasonal ingredients,
multiple cookbooks, and bright flowers...
...only to be topped of with
a traditional banana split (ZIA style) for dessert
on pages 13 and 14
"yummiliciously" drawn by Barb W.
Thanksgiving occurred during the time Judy designed pages
15 and 16...and as you can see
she included a favorite family recipe
for turkey dressing.
I received Barbara's book in December...
so I thought it best
to personally research typical desserts one might find
during this time of year.
It was a hard job..."but somebody had to do it"...
...Right???  :)
I included my version of a beautiful "Blitz Torte"
Barbara remembers her mother making.
The chocolate "Black Russian" bundt cake on the pedestal stand
was inspired by the lovely dessert
Barbara made for my birthday gathering this year.
The cookies and other treats
were a nod
to the delectable home made goodies found
in the wonderful traditional
Polish and German and Italian bakeries
of the city of Chicago...
where Barbara and I both lived
in our youth.
here is the "whole enchilada."
I hope you can appreciate the fact that
from start to finish
it was
a work of culinary and artistic love...
and also a wonderful trip for many of us down
memory lane.

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand..
and my artistic Muse
hovering over my shoulder.”
~Author Unknown


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a delicious book. Great job ladies.

Shirley said...

A real treasure for all of you! Thanks for the reveal....

Rebecca Stahr said...

Wow! Very impressive and lots of fun!

Teri Casper said...

Wowzers!! Beautiful!!!!

Jane said...

Absolutely stunning, you must all be delighted with the result!

Lynn Cohen said...

I am impressed by how similar all the drawing styles are...I was sure you'd done them all!? No?

marianne said...

Wow I love these books!!!!
Your contribution surely is the cherry on the cake dear!!!
Make me want to be in a project like that again......
Have a nice week!

Cathy Holtom said...

Very appetising, well done all!

Marva said...

Oh how fun!!! You do such fabulous work!