Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Have Been "Chromed" Under Protest...

...and I am absolutely hating every minute of it!!!
It has taken me over an hour this afternoon to upload
this new blog page today.
Why, you might ask???
I just have come find out that,
during my latest blog world absence,
Blogger has changed.
Let me tell my current "blog slug" persona
this is not being accepted as a
positive change.
I was first required to install to "Google Chrome"
to add this page.
This was it not easy on my sporadic and unreliable
internet connection.
after a call to Cox cable...and a modem reboot...
I was soon halfway to success.
Next, was to tackle the newness of Blogger format.
(Which may actually not be all that bad...)
Get this...
I spent the morning getting all zen like...
by the sweet strains and haunting melodies
R. Carlos Nakai"s flute
William Eaton's harp guitar
enchantingly playing
in the background.
Life was mellow....the pen just flowed.
Then came those unstoppable changes to the norm.
Glad to be over the hump.
no surprises next upload...fingers and toes crossed.

"Change is the only constant."


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I feel your pain. I had to upgrade to Chrome too. UGH... What a pain. I don't see any positive change it was for either. Put your recordings back on try to settle into that zen state again. Love what came of that.

forcryeye said...

Nooo, if I want to post again (not sure what the liklihood of that is) I do NOT WANT CHROME! It messed up my computer! Hang in is nice to see your artwork on this end...even if it's hard for you to get it posted!

Claire M said...

I can relate - I'm still adjusting to the Blogger changes. However, I didn't have to use Chrome. Firefox seemed to work for me. I'm certainly not a fan of change.

RH Carpenter said...

The saying I always remember is "The only one who likes change is a wet baby." I think that's true for all of us struggling and learning this new format. They warned us it was coming and I ignored it, too, until opening up my blogger one day and seeing everything was different and trying to figure out where everything is took a bit of time. Oh, well, it won't be the last change, I'm sure. I like your work and glad you could get into a more meditate mood :)

Sandra said...

Let's see, it took me three tries to get my pictures to show up. Then there is the dumb distorted letters.
Grrr. Let's go back and listen to Nakai's flute.

Mary Walker Designs said...

The last time I posted was yesterday and didn't need Chrome. I can't imagine any blogging service making a browser mandatory. That doesn't make sense, I'd be pissed too.

studio lolo said...

I do love what came out of the chaos :)

I have to say I love Google Chrome! I was nervous when prompted to change before my post and I have been pleasantly surprised by the speed my computer now has without that awful Internet Explorer. I had no idea that's what was bogging me down! The only thing with Chrome is learning to add favorites in a different way. otherwise, I'm a happy camper!

Nice to see you and your wonderful art again.♥