Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Happy Sunday..."

from me to you. :)
It's an overcast, rainy, 57 degree Sunday here in
Sycamore, Illinois.
Some may consider it dreary...but...
to this Arizona girl it is a
perfect prelude to the coming of fall.
It is
a day for warm cozy fireplaces, baking oatmeal cookies,
and having good one-on one time
with my artistic Muse.
Add some take out Chinese sesame chicken for dinner
and the day is complete.
Our past week here has been filled with
visiting apple orchards, walking through pumpkin patches,
playing in corn mazes
and even strolling through a Christmas tree farm.
Fresh apple cider and apple cinnamon donuts have
topped off almost every trip.
I absolutely LOVE this time of year to pieces...
fall is my most favorite season of all.
I feel blessed
to be able to experience even this small slice of it
midwest style...
before heading back to desert and her beauty
by the end of the month.
Our time in Illinois whooshed by so quickly this year.
It has really taken me by surprise...
as I left Arizona dragging my heels...dreading the blast of
humidity I knew was inevitable here.
I sit and marvel at the fact
that I now feel I may be dragging my heels going back to Arizona!
Funny, isn't it?
My blog posts have been few and far between this trip...
sorry 'bout that.
I suppose that is normal when
changing and readjusting one's daily habits occurs.
I thank those of you
who still come back for visits either daily...
or every now and then.
I have lots of art to share...and I promise I will do so...

“Shut the door...
not that it lets in the cold...but that it lets out
the coziness.”
~Mark Twain


Anonymous said...

Love it! And yes I WILL use the fireplace!:) I've loved seeing you here! Safe travels back to the land of that "dry heat"! Hope to see you soon! jgl:)

Carole Meisenhelter said...

from the dreaded humidity to gazing into an open fire; what lovely memories you take back home with you Peg. Apple cider and apple cinnamon donuts sounds JUST the most decadent sit back and relax pastime. I always say though, home is where the heart is .... I'm looking forward to what your creative muse placed before you.

Lynn said...

You are Teri C are the travelers from Arizona and other states! What a life!
Here it's still hot, or finally HOT...and it doesn't have to last long at all for me, as I love fall.
Will look forward to seeing the art you have made. Enjoy life.

Jan Bo. said...

Margaret! What a beautiful blog you have and I haven't even begun to start exploring it. It was so nice to finally meet you yesterday. Many years ago, before Quinn entered the middle school, I saw some of your artwork at the Pumpkin Festival. I never forgot your name and I never forgot how much I liked your work. So glad to see you are still a working artist.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The quote goes perfectly with the cozy photo and feelings you have shared here today. This is the perfect time of year to me too. I am lovin' it. You are lucky to be able to enjoy the best of two worlds, IL & AZ.

Anonymous said...

When I was in Toronto, Canada, I could never get enough of the fall. It was stunning, and it continues to inspire me to this day. Enjoy your blessing (and your apple cider ;-)!

studio lolo said...

It's my favorite season as well. Worth moving back for!
I hear you on life changes. I've been scarce on the blogs too as I try to adjust to yet another change.

it's all good ;)