Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Whew! I Have Decided..."

...that my Arizona lungs do not mix well with with this
soggy, supersaturated Midwest humidity.
Yesterday started off muggy...
I knew that immediately when I awakened
to find the outside windows
dripping wet
and fogged over. Geesch!
Then by 3:00 in the afternoon
the air temperature here in Sycamore, Illinois was
90 degrees...
the dewpoint was 81 degrees...
making the THI (Temperature Humidity Index)
feel like it was 108 degrees!
We then ended the day
with a tornado warning and fast moving thunderstorms.
The temps have dropped a bit...but
it's still not time
to open the windows for fresh air.
All is now quiet...and somewhat settled
for the classical chatter of crickets
the drone of our faithful air conditioner.
but, NO THANKS!!!
This is not
what I expected of August in Illinois.
As of this writing
desert heat is by far more preferable to me.
My Muse decided to
drew her impression of my "sweltering lovliness"
as we were both held captive indoors...the entire day...
Just Sayin'! :)

“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”
~Mark Twain


Anonymous said...

OMG! Your picture is EXACTLY how I feel!!!!! Will this EVER end??? I have boxes to carry for heaven sakes!:) jgl:)

Louise said...

Hard to believe we all grew up with that kind of weather! Guess the Arizona and California humidity levels suit us better now.

I am going in September so I hope the weather is better then....

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Before I even read your narrative I was thinking that this is how I have felt lately. ha.. I feel your pain here in SW IN. No thunderstorms for us though. I would welcome one to water the garden.

nanke's stuff said...

Except for the length of her hair, I thought this was a portrait of me. It's miserable here in the mitten, too ... at least the part of the mitten where I live. That said, your piece made me smile ... see, the weather isn't so bad after all! nancy

Lynn said...

That is one amazing portrait...and one soggy sorry for you and that WEATHER! Do come visit; so dry and pleasantly warm here not hot at all.

Teri C said...

This weather makes AZ (dry) heat look like heaven. So much for summer in the northland.

Deborah said...

Oh please...don't melt, don't melt. Hope things get better soon.