Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Pens, Patterns..."

...and playful practice. :)
Several pieces positioned upon another page
in my Artful Musings Journal
drawn entirely lead free
diving straight in with ink...
not a single preconceived thought
in my head...:)
Click on enlarge...;)
(BTW... Arizona had BIG SNOWS
in the "high country"...Flagstaff...last night...(2+ feet)!
Closer to home...
the tops of the mountains surrounding the valley
to the north
are snow packed...and soooo gorgeous!
In addition...we even had
a few flurries which danced by and amused us
here in the desert today!
palm trees, cacti and snow flurries...
who would have ever thought?


BarbaraB said...

Oh, I love these!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This pillow of ink drawings looks like a great beginning to a fabric pattern. Flurries in the desert. That sounds contradictory. I bet it seemed magical.

Lynn said...

Wishing you a delightful new year and I still love all your wonderful drawings!!!

Alex said...

It kinda looks like a beautifully designed pillow to me, and I love pillows =)
Happy New Year!

. said...

I agree "great fabric pattern" and it would look very good as print (as carved)... Very nice work

raena said...

Your patterns are always amazing to me! Hope you have a fabulous 2011!