Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Round #2...Zen Moly_X..."

This is Lisa Rene's Moleskine.
She began her lovely book in a vertical format.
Above are Lisa's pages one and two...
...which flow flawlessly into her pages three and four.
It then became my task to join my art to hers.
(Note that on the bottom edge of Lisa's page four
that the curlicue to the left...
and yellow bit to the right are part of my art
which overlaps onto her original pages.)
Here you can see more clearly how I chose
to join my art to Lisa's.
Lisa's page four is on the left...
My page five follows on the right.
Notice that the format
here will now transition from vertical
to horizontal...:)
A full view of my pages five and six...
...followed by my pages seven and eight.
If you look closely you can see how each page
is defined by the way the
Japanese style Moleskine pages are folded.
Above is another view of my pages 7 and 8 with
my design overlapping onto page 9...
where Cindy Michele will then join her art...:)
Here is an actual photo of my portion of Lisa's book
attached to Lisa's page four.
(Note the zig zag folds of the Moleskine.
They are really fun to work with...
but will become more difficult to photograph
as new artwork is added as there are
30 zig zag pages in all...60 if one uses both sides
of each page...front and back.)
Here is a final photo of Lisa's entire book
thus far.
I included a quotation in my portion of Lisa's book.
It appears within the sun design.
It reads:
"Simply be aware of the oneness of things."
~Lao Tzu
Those words became my inspiration
for the zentangle art I included in Lisa's Moly.
Her book is now in the artistic hands of
Cindy Michele in Tennessee.
I can't wait until the arrival of the next Moly...
if I have the rotation sequence correct in my head,
it will be Jella's from Belgium. YAY!
My Moly should be soon arriving in Oregon
to the studio of Sandra
"Madame Zentangle Extraordinaire"!
As always...
please feel free to click on any of the photos above
to enlarge for better viewing...
it's well worth it! :)
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour
I wish you could see all this art
in real life...
it is zenfully amazing!


Phine said...

Wow! What a fabolous project!
And how nicely your art is blending from one artist´s work to the other. It will be a fantastic story in the end – unfolded in beautiful picture…

I can´t wait to see more of this!

Peachtreeart said...

Your are constantly grows! Very refreshing to view.

winna said...

I loved seeing this work unfold...
maybe someday, somebody will ask me to be a part of such an exciting project--I personally do not know any people that do this...I hope to see more of this and think you've been so successful in blending and being creative..

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is extraordinary. I love the photo of your page with the reflection in the countertop. It seems to bring your piece alive. I fully expected the fish to start swimming about the page. Can't wait to see more.

Molossus said...

I can't wait until your journal arrives. I'm literally dancing on my toes.

Your pages in Lisa's book are so rich in line and color. I can hardly wait!

I want both albums to play with--now!!! Wahh!!!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Absolutely incredible work and how you fitted it all with Lisa's first pages is amazing. The colours are so fresh and design a delight. Lucky Moleskin group working on this book seeing them all in reality.

Lynn said...

This is absolutely exquisite. I am speechless.

Also the way it reflects off your counter gives it more depth and you might consider at some time doing an art piece like that with the painted reflection. I know you could pull it off beautifully.


plo said...

Incredible! Makes me want to go home and doodle!!! thanks for the inspiration!

marianne said...

My gosh this is to die for!!!!
What can I say?! It is beyond gorgeous!!!!

kazumiwannabe said...

It's an enchanting world you created! So whimsical and colorful and absoltely gorgeous!

Alex said...

That's enchanting! I've always loved looking at Zen tangles, but I never seem to enjoy drawing them... I don't have the patience!

Jennifer Lawson said...

WOW! This is just beautiful. You are really in your element. Margaret.

Anonymous said...

How cool is that!!?? jgl:)

Teri C said...


debra morris said...

Great work and project!

Denise said...

That is simply one of the most astounding things I've seen... what a treasure of accumulated art it will be...

studio lolo said...

oh...WA..Wo...My God!!!

There's nothing more to say.
I'm another one who has fallen speechless by the WOW-zerness of this project.

I bow to you, truly.

Whoa! Goosebumps ;)

Word veri = lingsh...languish? And I am, over this Moley!

BlackPumpkin said...

Such a wonderful project!

Alex said...


Anonymous said...

The book is just amazing. What a treasure it will be., All those amazing colours give it a bit of a Bollywood look.

raena said...

amazing work!!

Anonymous said...

Peg .. I'm in love! These drawings are stunning .. STUNNING. My fav is the one with the fish - and I love the pens.

Sandra said...

Just stunning!

Dragonstarr/ Nancy said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I find it fascinating to see how it flows from one artist's work into another. I really should try one of these. First, I must find a moley :D