Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Thursday Already?...More Mail Art!..."

...I begin today with a "Zinnia and Fern" from
Carolyn in Wisconsin...
...then, from Maria Clara in Spain
comes this black and white zentangle garden...
...from Sher-Minn in Malaysia
comes these three custom beauties..each featuring
"water blossoms"...
the first two forming a diptych.
(This is the second set made for me as the first set
was lost in the mail...
an enormously heartbreaking risk of trading art.)
...from Melody in Utah
comes a "Uni Corn" a wonderfully layered collage.
...from Anne in England...
a young girl with wings...and a smashing yellow collage
complete with a foreign postage stamp.
...and, lastly, from Erika in Canada...
a magnificent magnolia...she even sent along
the reference photo
she took of the flower just for fun!
(Be sure to click on any of these images to enlarge...
the details in these cards
are amazing!)
beautiful art from art filled spirits has once again
graced my desert mailbox.
I am truly thankful for the joy and smiles
each piece brings.
I am truly thankful also for each
and every one of
your continued individual blog visits...
whether they be regularly on a daily basis
or sporadic...
as time allows...the occasional "pop-in"
just to see "what's up".
It brings me such great joy
(and many smiles)
to belong to such a wonderful blogging community
of art enthusiasts!
For all this I am most thankful!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! How wonderful that you can keep this up, you must have an amazing collection!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a great collection. So much inspiration here. I love the zen garden.

Ginny Stiles said...

I am enthralled as usual.
Remember, I am the one that is doing an intro to ATCs at my park in FL in November? You sent me a GREAT personal email! So much appreciated.
Tell me two things: 1) how do you keep/display your collection? 2) how to you trade? Is it through an organization or do you just do it among artists that you know. I find the ATC groups I've looked at online to be complicated and confusing. I'll never get my senior friends to get involved in something so complicated. We can trade among each other, of course, but hints at how to get started?

PAK ART said...

You are the busiest person I know! What a great group of art! And to know that you reciprocate is amazing. I read Ginny's question and wondered how you display/store your ATC's also?