Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Seeking Relief..."

...Temperatures to peak over 110 degrees today.
This has now become our new
especially...after sundown...:)
Ahhhhh! Sweet, refreshingly cool water!

“It is wise to bring some water,
when one goes out to look for water.”
~Arab Proverb


Janet Ghio said...

Stay cool! I love your quote!

marianne said...

Looks like the perfect place to take it easy!
That's what I love about hot waether it slows me down....

Enjoy the water!

soulbrush said...

phew wow,that is hot! it is about 82 here and that's hot enough for me.

PAK ART said...

I would absolutely die if I lived there! We've been having some beautiful sunny weather and I hate to say the other day it got up to 69 degrees and my house felt so hot and I layed in bed talking to my husband saying, "If this is too hot for me, how am I ever going to survive Missouri?" And you've got even hotter. Oh my!

Molossus said...

You can't win for losing. 110 is way to hot. On the other hand, our constant rain is gloomy and makes driving dangerous, and your bones ache. Ahh, whatever happened to the happy medium?

studio lolo said...

My friends just got back from AZ a week ago and she said it was on the cool side for the entire 2 weeks they were there. I guess they just missed it!

I don't know how to swim but the pool looks wonderful. An oasis!!