Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Happy Blooming Tuesday..."

...from a gorgeous little cactus garden
found decorating the scenic grounds of the
(see views from their spectacular golf course here)
nestled sweetly in the hills of
Cave Creek, Arizona.
(Click on images to enlarge...)


Lisa at Greenbow said...


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Nice to catch up on your posts since the 22nd and if that second close up image is a photo, it makes a stunning subject for a painting. Love the thoghts of moonbeams beaming down on me outside my bedroom window - must leave my blinds open to see if I can spy them.

Janet Ghio said...

Beautiful! I miss Arizona at this time of year! I used to live in Prescott.

Lynn said...

Oh so pretty....love seeing everything in bloom. Enjoy it.

studio lolo said...

Aaaaah, the west. There's no place like it!

I used to call those "firecracker" plants when I was in Monterey.