Friday, July 25, 2008

"Oooh!..Lookie Here...! "

...This beautiful award
was just presented to me Thursday by
Marva, in Colorado, at Purplepaint's Muse blogspot.
And Friday by Kazumiwannabe.
...Double the fun!
Thanks so much Marva...and Kazumiwannabe! A big WooHoo! :)

The rules for accepting this award are:

1. Choose 5 blogs you consider deserving of this award for
interesting material and
a contribution to the blogging world.
2. List the name of each person awarded and a link to their blog.
3. Show the award and the name and blog link of the person who presented you with the award.
4. Show the link to the Arte Y Pico blog.
5. Show the rules.
Now...I, in turn,
would like to present this award to a few of the people who
"rock" my artistic and imaginative world.

1. Anita Davies, in England, at Art by Anita.
Anita is, plain and simple, my "self appointed" mentor...
Oprah has Maya Angelou...I have Anita...
Plain and simple -If you haven't visited her before...
Do so now...she's an artistic DYNAMO-she does not disappoint.

2. John, in Kansas, at John a Lookin' Around:
John has beautiful journal pages of life all around him.
He is currently working on a fabulous travel journal
which has inspired me to start one of my own...A must see!

3. Pippa, at Pippa's Porch.
Pippa has a thoughtful and creative blog built this premise:
"The best kind of friend is the kind
you can sit on a porch swing with,
never say a word,
then walk away feeling
like it was the best conversation
that you ever had." ~ Anonymous
I love visiting her!

4. Teri, In Wisconsin and Arizona, at Teri's Painted Daisies.
Teri is an amazing blogger...
She fills her pages daily with
a dazzling delightful variety of topics.
She is active in many drawing forums
and brings joy to my heart with her art!

Irene is both artistic and inspirational.
Her absolute love of nature is prominent in her artwork-
and her workshops spectacular.
I make a great armchair traveller...(don't like bugs)
Irene's site is a world of adventure to me! :)
A "Must See!"


Teri C said...

Oh Margaret, how thrilling to receive this award from you and such a sweet write-up. Thank you so much! I did receive this award from Karen and posted it on 7/3/08 but I am so happy you thought of me.

And, there are some other interesting blogs I need to visit now.

kazumiwannabe said...

Well, congratulations! I sent you one too, because you know I love your art so much! You can start a collection now.

Anita Davies said...

Margaret thank you so much for such a pretty award and THE most flattering of write ups...I'm truly honoured.

Pippa said...

Margaret, you are an angel, truly! You made my day and my week, and even better, inspired me to do more, play more, be more creative! Thank you so much.

A really excited and exuberant hug to you. :)

I am touched beyond words.

Love & joy!

Serena said...

Congratulations on the award, Margaret.....well deserved! :)