Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Brown Baggin' It..."

...and just fiddling...diddling...and doodling around! :)
First off...I must comment that
I LOVE the artwork and designs found on Trader Joe's grocery bags...
The work is funky, clever, and it definitely has personality.
because I was in a bit of a rambunctious, rascally mood,
I decided
to add few zentanglely zippity-doodads of my own....just for fun.
Yippee! :)

"Someday when I am old,
I will look back at this moment as the happiest time
of my life."
~My Trader Joe's grocery bag


David R. Vallejo said...

This is fun.

I usually draw on the other side of my Trader Joe's bags.

Anonymous said...

We don't have Trader Joe's bags here so I am not quite sure what they look like before they are decorated - they look very useful tho'and this one is certainly very decorative!

soulbrush said...

we only have plastic shopping bags here, what a pity, this looks such fun and you have a spider's web...mmmmust be the season for them. coooool!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Fablous zens on this bag. It really brings the picture to life.

Lisa Adams Reed said...

If the "powers that be" at TJs see this---they will lure you out of retirement as a bag designer--we shall call you the Bag Lady!
Love this, Peg!

marianne said...

Lovely bag like this. They should change the design

Teri said...

Dear Bag Lady, would you come and design our bags?

Just great!
Now I HAVE to go to TJ's!

Deborah said...

I would like to roam around in your mind for an afternoon. It must be so interesting up there. How's next Thursday for you? Great fun stuff!

Chris said...

This is fantastic! My partner has worked at Trader Joe's for years and will love this picture!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Margaret!

& it makes my fingers itch to do something as free & yummy as well.

We haven't seen brown paper bags here since my childhood, and I am working hard on my resolution to remove all plastic shopping bags from my life by end January 2009.

(: love!

Jim in Alaska said...

""Someday when I am old,
I will look back at this moment as the happiest time
of my life."

Ha! Some would consider ME old & I look forward to this moment AND the next as the happiest time etc. -grin-

Great work Margaret!

Jim in Alaska

Timaree said...

Great doodling. It looks real nice on the brown bag too. The nice thing about art as a hobby/interest is that supplies are all around us. We don't have to go to the gym, the beach or anywhere to find the means to do what we like!
Red and black. I did a red and black page in my journal on the eleventh!

Stephen Hall said...

Flipping Heck! How did I miss this one - I love it! We don't have brown bags over here, just plastic ones that mess up the environment, but this is awesome. I always paint as cheaply as I can, my indulgence is Moleskines, but I found a place in London that sells them at 20% off! Loving your stuff!